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Our international programs offer a wide range of intensive studies in style and interpretation, languages and diction, movement and acting, vocal technique, role preparation and advice on career development. Complemented by our world-class faculty from across the globe, our programs provide unparalleled, personalized guidance. Canto can be found in such diverse locations as New York City, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Bucharest, Zagreb, and Louisville.  


Canto Vocal Programs emphasize intensive study as the foundation for strong performances. We strongly believe that the skills necessary to be performers start in the studio but finish on the stage. We offer small classes in style, and masterclasses to learn and perform in safe environment, and a public concert to complete the experience. 


Canto seeks singers that we believe will benefit from consistent information provided by teachers and coaches who demand the highest professional standards. Our ultimate goal is to help the singers of Canto become successful performing artists. 

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