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Canto Vocal Programs is a group of professionals from some of the most important opera houses in the world who have come together to provide young singers with a different kind of summer program. The members of our group are long-time colleagues and performers as well as gifted teachers and coaches.

Our many years of experience working with singers in many vocal programs has led us to the conviction that a small faculty focusing on the key areas of performance, style and expression, languages and dramatic interpretation leads to sustainable, long-term improvement.


Our mission: to make vocal training programs of the highest quality affordable and accessible to aspiring singers.

Meet our faculty, find out more about the programs for 2022, and join us to make wonderful music! 




Lucy Arner

Artistic Director

Liora Maurer

Associate Artistic Director

Sharon Mohar

Associate Artistic Director

Kenneth Morris


Iva Kuprešak

Producer (Zagreb)

Elizabeth Batton-Sorenson

Producer (Louisville)

Maurice Lugassy

Producer (Toulouse)

Raluca Ouatu

Producer (Bucharest)

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