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Italian Teacher and Translator

Born in Italy, Michele Cacciottolo is an Italian teacher and translator who graduated in History and Literature from the University of Florence.

Mr. Cacciottolo taught Italian as a Foreign Language in Florence between 1984 and 1993. He continued teaching Italian in Manhattan when he moved to the United States in 1993.

He taught Italian language and diction at the International Institute of Vocal Arts in Chiari, Italy, between 1995 and 1999. Mr. Cacciottolo was an adjunct professor of Italian Language and Literature at Montclair State University and Seton Hall University, New Jersey, U.S.A., between 1996 and 1999.

He worked as a translator from English into Italian on many articles for the magazine The New Yorker and books for the Italian publishing house Mondadori. He has been a teacher of Italian at Kearny High School, in Kearny, NJ, since 1999.

Mr. Cacciottolo loves Italy, its culture and its music, and for the last 20 years he has been bringing his students regularly to Italy and to the Metropolitan Opera.


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