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Mezzo Soprano

I was privileged to participate in Canto this past summer in Zagreb. I met Liora through working at The Metropolitan Opera, and attended Canto in order to work in depth on new repertoire. I worked mainly with Liora, Lucy, and Sharon. All three were immensely helpful both in helping me prepare and also in fine tuning how I approach singing and acting generally.

I am still benefitting months later from the coachings and the new ideas that we explored (all of which helped me find a lot more vocal and physical freedom), and I am so grateful that I had the chance to attend. Additionally, having the opportunity to perform this new repertoire in an audition, masterclass, and concert setting was very helpful. All of the faculty is so knowledgeable and caring, and they foster a very safe environment for growth and exploration. I could not recommend Canto more highly!

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Canto is  much more than just a vocal program where you go for a few weeks. Canto is like family! I have received world class coachings from some of the most respected teachers in the industry, who have helped me closer to my artistic goals. I have been treated like a professional and held to high standards which have made me the best I can be as a singer and as a person. You will leave the program feeling good about your singing and ready to take on new daily challenges, because you have been given the right tools to work with!

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Mezzo Soprano

Of the many great assets of Canto Louisville, their greatest asset is their amazing faculty. Every single member of faculty is able to meet a singer at their level, no matter where they are in their professional development, and help raise them to the next in an uplifting, honest, and inspiring way. Their positive guidance, professional expertise, and ability to help every singer improve make this program rise above many others.


Mezzo Soprano

I attended Canto Vocal Programs last summer and it was a life changing experience. The faculty is top notch and the price to attend is so minimal for the incredible training you are receiving in return. Your donation goes towards their scholarship fund for aspiring opera singers (like me). Any amount helps!



A Thank-You note to one of our generous donors! 

My name is Oluwasegun Okedunmola.  I'm a baritone singer from Nigeria. Growing up in a less privileged community has not only  offered financial and academic challenges but has also helped me realize the value of quality music education.

Your generosity is allowing me to get the best music education from the wonderful Canto faculty members, and also make my dreams and goals a reality.

Knowing that someone else cares about my education motivates me to strive extra hard for excellence. I have been truly touched by your generosity and hope to one day give back just as you have.  Thank you so much!


Mezzo Soprano

I can say that Canto Vocal Programs is the encounter that changed the most my musical path. Even if i work with the team twice a year, every masterclass led me to another level. I can also say that sometimes, huge changes come for me, after only one day. What i think makes this program so special is the fact that you can work on a role, or even an aria, at any level desired. You will receive musical suggestions, technique and pronunciation corrections and, very important, you will be able to build your character in the most unique way possible. They are all aiming for the same goal and that is to help yourself find inside the elements that will offer your interpretation that special fingerprint we all desire.     

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A Thank-You note to one of our generous donors!

My name is Cristian Ruja, I’m a baritone from Romania and I would like to thank you for being so generous with your contribution to Canto.

I’ve been part of the Canto family for over a year, but in such a short time I have participated in five programs. Thanks to you Canto team have been able to offer several scholarships this summer, I am on of the lucky one.

I can not tell you how much means to me the chance to participate in such a program. In these times we sometimes find motivation more difficult than usual to study, to sing, but with your help I had
the opportunity to be in an organized setting to express myself through singing surrounded by extraordinary people. Again, thank you so very much. I greatly appreciate your generosity.



A Thank-You note to one of our generous donors! 

My name is Samantha Noonan and I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me. With your help I was able to continue studying and coaching my voice during this difficult time. I was able to experience such a transformation in my technique and acting that would not have been a reality without you.


In 2018 I participated in my first Canto Program. It was held in Louisville, Kentucky and I was cast as Susanna in Canto's production of Le Nozze di Figaro. It was a summer I will never forget. It changed the trajectory of my career for the better and I have continued to work with Canto Vocal Programs ever since. By singing in the Canto Programs, my voice has matured and improved drastically. They have helped me so much that I now feel confident to go forward in my education. Because of the hard work from Canto staff and their limitless support, I'm able to audition for graduate programs this upcoming fall. It's because of Canto that I feel confident for this upcoming audition season.


I was able to continue working with amazing coaches and directors as well as begin solidifying the fundamentals of the Italian language. I've been able to grow and progress because of your help.


Thank you, again. I am incredibly grateful!

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A Thank-You note to one of our generous donors!                                  My name is Isaac Pendley and I am currently pursuing a degree in Vocal Performance at the University of Louisville. I am writing to thank you for your generous contributions to Canto Vocal Programs. Because of your donations, Canto was able to offer me scholarships for the Canto Louisville 2019 program and both of the Canto Online Programs. I cannot begin to tell you how much I have grown as a person and singer while participating in these programs.Also, the amount of work that I was able to accomplish during the Canto Online program despite the technological barriers was incredible and it was honestly the happiest I have been since COVID-19 forced us to go into quarantine. It is so important for singers to find places that they can better themselves at in a healthy manner and Canto is definitely one of those places. The amount of work and growth that each singer is able to accomplish is testimony to the wonderful environment that the Canto team creates and proves how deeply they care about each and every individual singer. However, without the scholarships that Canto was able to offer me, I never would have been able to experience the program at all.  Because of you I was able to have these experiences and I just wanted to write you a personal thank you to let you know that I greatly appreciate your support of Canto which has directly impacted my life in an amazing way. 




Since 2013 I worked with the wonderful people of the Canto program. They knew me when I had no job but they always believed that someday I will make them proud. Now I am a soloist at the National Opera House in Bucharest, and I have already sung 11 principal roles.

Upcoming I have a contract at the Frankfurt Opera and things are now on the right path. Because one day Liora Maurer, Lucy Arner, Ira Siff and more recently Sharon Mohar gave me confidence like no one else ever has. They were always my support for learning new roles, for going to competitions, and they made my dream to see America happen, where we worked on Tosca, the role that I san this month with Sir Bryn Terfel.

I asked them for advice at every debut, this was very important for me. And in this difficult time we kept our bond through Zoom sessions.

Please support this wonderful faculty to help them spread their knowledge, love and confidence to other singers - this is so important for singers and for opera!


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