Intensive work with professors that love their job, never get tired, and only want to give you all their knowledge and their experience. For me this program came at the right time in my life. I absolutely recommend it - you must have this experience as a singer. Thank you very much!

Lira Mila, soprano

For me the Canto Vocal Program has been life changing, both as a singer and as a person.  Canto turned out to be a wonderful surprise. It delivered on each of its promises and fulfilled my high expectations beyond the imaginable. The two intensive weeks of coaching in Toulouse have been a truly transformative journey of exponential – inner and technical – growth.


What makes this program so special? It’s not just the impressive resume and the wealth of experience of its coaches – which by itself would already be a valid reason to apply (as I did). I believe that Canto has indeed a sort of “secret sauce”, which is the result of great dedication, authenticity, and labor of love. It is this sauce that allowed each and every participant in the program to step out of one’s own comfort zone to have tremendous improvement in vocal and expressive performance.


Throughout the program, the coaches challenged every participant in searching the deep inner justification of singing and acting the characters performed on stage. This came with the continuous reminder that purpose is pivotal in eliciting the singer’s own feelings and imagination before they can be conveyed to an audience.


I am very grateful for this invaluable learning experience and I am very happy to recommend the Canto Program to any singer who is serious about his or her professional and artistic development.


Alfonso Giuliani (Tenore)

Martiniana Antonie, Cristian Ruja, Andrei Mihalcea, Toulouse 2019 Gala
Carmen: Habanera
Louisville 2019

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